Kynson event in Singapore

09/18, 2018

Kynson's event in Singapore on September 18th ended successfully. Thank you to all the guests who came to join us. The event invited special guests, quality innovation projects and dozens of industry leaders to attend the event. Hundreds of participants from the scene listened to the analysis of the brilliant viewpoints of the representatives, discussed the application of blockchains, and exchanged the experience of blockchain industry with each other. Regarding to the application of blockchain technology, Kynson also shared with the participants our ecosystem and the application of KYN in the event. After the event, we received many feedbacks and suggestions from the guests. We have heard the thoughts, expectations and doubts that the predecessors from various industries talking about how blockchain changes in their respective fields of expertise. We will accept all of the valuable arguments with an open mind and continue to work hard in this industry to create a more unique experience for our users.