The Kynson Ecosystem with its unique design, core functionalities and application of blockchain technology well positioned to be a game changer in the global wellness industry. To maximize fitness results and promote the engagement in a healthy lifestyle, we develop the Kynson platform based on 4 main success pillars: state of the art coaching, social interaction & peer pressure, gamification and monetary incentives. Our extensive research shows that a wellness-oriented application should be built at the intersection of these pillars, ultimately creating a unique, self-motivating system for users to continually apply the platform to achieve their fitness goals.

KYN token as Fuel for Whole Platform

Design of KYN native cryptocurrency is crucial from utility standpoint for increasing its adoption rate. KYN tokens allow to make easy, fast, immutable, peer-to-peer transactions based on Ethereum blockchain.

Application of Token

Settlement currency in peer-to-peer trainer marketplace

Transactional currency in product marketplace

Mean of reward distribution for fitness challenger

Currenncy for making gifts or charitable donations

Earn KYN tokens throuh proof of fitness protocol

Benefits of Token

The KYN token as a transactional currency provides several benefits.

Low transaction fees & immediates settlement
Fase of integration to new systems
Confidentiality of transactions
Decentralization & strong security
Easy access to everyone

Use of Proceeds


Software Development




Operational costs & Liquidity


Reward to business alliance





Road Map

Our consultant

Guy Robertson

Chief Strategic advisor/CFO

Com (Hons) – CA Guy has over 30 years experience as a Company Secretary , Chief Financial Officer and Director, of both public and private companies in Australia and Hong Kong. Previous corporate roles include Managing Director, NSW of Jardine Lloyd Thompson (Insurance Brokers), Chief Operating Officer Colliers Jardine Asia Pacific (property services based in Hong Kong) and GM Finance Franklins Limited (Supermarkets Group). Guy is the strategic advisor and CFO of the company that shall deliver the highest possible standard in both financial management and corporate governance, as well as the strategic direction of Kynson. Guy is also currently a Director of ASX listed companies Hastings Technology Metals Ltd, Metal Bank s and Limited and Draig Resources Limited. Guy has significant experience in IPOs, capital raisings, merger and acquisitions and all aspects of financial reporting and corporate governance.

Sam Lu

Operations Director

Strong experience of hospitality and customer service; Over 10 years of experience from fitness & training ; Possessing adequate office skills; Strong competence in leading small to large teams; Experienced in e-commerce operation environment with direct involvement and engagement with Amazon, ebay, credit provider, google, internet agencies and architects etc. Sam leads the team of Kynson and oversees its daily operations and functions. She possesses significant working experience gained from working in different regions which have equipped her with dynamic and positive leadership skills in managing both small and large teams. Together with Guy, Sam is a part of the leading team in pursuing the goals and objectives of Kynson.

Aimee Brown

Marketing Director

Creativity skills in marketing and branding Over 10 years of experience in wellness sector with focus on fitness and nutrition Vast knowledge of training science and fitness trends Significant amount of knowledge in nutrition field Result-oriented marketing skills across different channels including facebook, Instagram, twitter Comprehensive knowledge of fitness related products including equipment and associated health products Excellent presentation skills Forward thinking ability Teamwork skills Aimee is leading the marketing team of Kynson to implement the marketing strategy and plans in promoting the brand and its ecosystems to members of business alliances as well as in other Asian regions; she also works with other business partners with aim to deliver the potential economic benefits to both kynson and its business associates via kynson’s unique position and offers that are yet to exist in fitness industry.

Brittany Everson

Creative Leader

Competencies & Qualities

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Creative contents
  • Live events
  • Digital marketing
  • Experience
  • Marketing leader in leading gift business
  • Marketing project coordinator from leading advertising agencies
  • Kent Choi

    Training Program Coordinator

    Possessed Multi-awards from fitness competition across Asia Possessed full qualifications as senior trainers in both Asia and America Qualified senior trainer in children and adults Qualified TRX trainer and thai-kick fit trainer 18 years of experience in fitness industry Frequent Guest speaker invited by various fitness summit and conferences across Asian countries
    Kent is the head of fitness programs in Kynson, leading the team to formulate the best possible training plans and programs to Kynson’s community members. Kent possesses a significant amount of training and teaching skills from his career; he is very capable in preparing and formulating the best possible training programs and plans for members with different needs and focus areas. He will be leading the team to present and deliver the most viable, creative and trend-setting exercising programs via Kynson’s platform. Kent himself is viewed as a celebrity fitness trainer in Asia, especially in Hong Kong and China.

    Arman Abgaryan

    Consultant in Blockchain Technology

    MSc University of Cambridge, PhD Candidate in Blockchain (SJTU), CS MSc Georgia Tech (Machine Learning), MBA AUA. 2+y blockchain industry experience in product design & project management, 3+y academic career in blockchain, 5+y experience in business and corporate finance.

    Zane Ma


    B. Chiro Sc. / M. Chiro (Macquarie University) Zane Ma is the CEO and founder of Fort Healthcare. Fort Healthcare started as 1 clinic with 2 practioners and has grown in size and reach within 5 years. Fort Healthcare currently employs 30 practioners and operates 5 multidisciplinary allied health clinics in Sydney. Zane has extensive experience and knowledge of the health market in Australia. This is important in being able to identify new trends and directions for the health climate. Zane is passionate about fitness and exercise. Changing himself from a previously inactive lifestyle to being fit and active allowed him to understand the true importance and value a healthy lifestyle can bring to an individual. He shares this vision and knowledge readily through his own platform as well as Fort Healthcare.

    Shawn H. (Seung-Hun) Park


    Bachelor’s degree, electrical engineering (Seoul National University), Master’s degree, control and instrumentation engineering (Seoul National University), Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Electrical Engineering (University of Florida) Chairman of Hilaris Inc., CEO of Hilaris Blockchain Inc., Chairman of Hilaris CMP Inc. Health & Wellness + Smart Technology Convergence - Professor at Kyung Hee University in South Korea for 14 years - Professor at Kon Kuk University in South Korea for 9 years